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Uncommon Promise
When I imagine my life, you are always there.


Uncommon Promise
Interdependence is possible with the right balance of freedom and shared commitments.
This is perhaps the most important song we have ever written. It holds deep within its words and sounds, the sentiment of a simple wedding ceremony. Ours. Written at the end of our four year journey in 2003, we looked back on where we had been, and forward to where we might be going. Our lives pivoted as we sealed that moment with a special gesture—something that will last a lifetime.

Patiently waiting

This song became our chosen way to remember what happened there, forever and a day. Reflections yield countless memories and shared experiences that will never really be understood by anyone but us, yet for us, they are indelible, penetrating, and transformative. We have truly woven our lives together in a way that we previously only dreamed. We were there, arm in arm on an uncharted course. Two pilgrims searching for enchantment, romance and a way of living life filled with inspiration and excitement. Despite the many challenges and disappointments along the way, we never quit. We didn’t walk away from the frustrations of pushing forward, not knowing where this path would lead. We remained faithful to the original commitments and persevered well beyond what we could rationalize. Our choices have gone beyond merely having the ability to make and keep promises. We have decided to make extraordinary commitments—to go beyond the expected and normal to the rare, the uncommon.

We discovered that uncommon promises produced uncommon promise. Now in 2010, we pause again to acknowledge this realization, this gift. The value is not in the results, but rather in the process, and in being impeccable with our word.  With these vows and commitments solidly within us, we once again move forward—patiently waiting for this wildly romantic adventure to continue unfolding. We anticipate even more.

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