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After All
$15.00 Released September 2008
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After All tells the story of two ordinary people who chose to live in a committed relationship and discovered a wonderful, expansive intimacy. Through stories and music, we offer you the timeless story of the merging of two lives. There is an incredible magic that happens when we share our all with someone we love, our history, dreams, and daily dramas. But these stories are not ours alone, they are universal. As you read and listen, we imagine that you will recognize similar inspiring themes in your own life. We also feel that your sense of participating in a great drama will deepen if you take time to jot down notes on your journey.

1. After All
2. Stone by Stone
3. Secret Pocket
4. Inherit
5. Changing Ways
6. Only Miles Away
7. Narrow Ledge
8. Play (Zia's Song)
9. Big Green Chair
10. Thief

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