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Cheryl & Emerson Martlage Cheryl & Emerson Martlage Cheryl & Emerson Martlage We grew up in the Midwest, each the third child of middle-class families. Our parents were ordinary people who worked hard and loved each other and their kids more than anything else in the world. We met in college in 1969, at a time characterized by social upheaval and romantic idealism, and became deeply embedded in that culture.

Nearing the completion of our formal education, we traveled and studied in Europe, finding common dreams and inspirations. We married in 1973 and embarked on the traditional journey toward the American Dream. Cheryl pursued a teaching career in the arts and Emerson became an architect. We were young and had abundant energy and promise. We raised a son, and a daughter, who are now adults forging their own unique paths.

We lived in London, Athens, Indiana, Ohio, and California. Throughout our many moves, we continued to carry the idealism of our youth and a persistent dream that relationships could be even more than those we observed. In the midst of responsible professional careers, we advocated change and reform, and tirelessly sought out new ways of approaching old problems. We believed we could make a difference from inside the system. Working as an executive in human resources for a medical device company, Emerson promoted new programs and strategies to bring renewal to the workplace, where he saw so many people becoming emotional corporate casualties. Cheryl’s influence was felt, as she taught art and encouraged college students to remain enthusiastic and idealistic. She assured them that self-expression is a true and significant indicator of civilization and culture.

We eventually concluded that our energies might be more effective if we worked outside of traditional organizations and institutions. In 1999, we left our jobs, along with the many responsibilities that had kept us apart for so long, and began a journey of the heart together. We decided to reclaim our authenticity as individuals and as a couple. With a shared vision we embarked on the adventure of a lifetime that continues to unfold. We now live in northern California and Tuscany, enjoying the inspiration and wide diversity that those special places represent for us. We have been married for thirty-six years and look forward to many more as creative partners on this incredibly rich path we have chosen.

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