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Our Vision

Our vision is to create and live a fundamental new relationship based on inspired partnering that uncovers unique common ground and deep meaning. The authentic expressions produced from this partnership are our stories and music. It is our intention to share our experiences openly within a community of kindred spirits for more collaborative learning. We believe that by our being together in a truly creative, and open fashion, we can serve as better mirrors for each other day to day, and thereby live more whole lives.

In order to begin our journey into this new type of relationship, we first had to create a shared view of our destination. We quickly discovered that, curiously, we really didn’t know where this path would lead—only that we were committed to go there together. So, we took a chance and made it up as we went. The risk associated with such an approach was necessary, because within our apparently successful lives, we had discovered a deepening disquiet. As the dissatisfaction mounted, we decided that our only hope in finding a more meaningful relationship was to completely disengage the life we had become so familiar with, and begin again—together. We didn’t have the luxury of creating a new life while living in our past ways. Instead, we had to first let go, even without clear direction.

It started with a sketch on a napkin over coffee at a little round table at the airport. After countless hours and many revisions, we eventually arrived at a description/rendering that included three areas of possible common activity that we agreed were shared interests and could be explored together as equal partners. That, of course, meant that we each had some things to learn about the other, and some skills to acquire. Moving out of our comfort zones was merely the first step. As time passed, many things had to change in order to create a different relationship. One thing, however, remained crystal clear: we would need to spend countless hours listening and talking in order to create a solid foundation of understanding. Intimate conversation was the obvious starting point, and that was really different!

We settled on an initial vision statement that basically described “equal partners” within a context of “enchantment” and supported by “family values.” We then described the three distinct areas of activity that would produce the necessary challenge and learning for transformation—writing, music, and art. These became the vehicles for our journey. This web site grew out of the evolution of those shared interests, and serves as the daily documentation of our ongoing process. After over seven years of exploration we are pleased to make this offer of music and story to our community whose presence has always been felt.    

Music and story
We had always sung quietly together with our old guitar for years, but never finished writing any songs. The fact is that we were too busy doing what seemed more important at the time. Emerson played reasonably well, but struggled with writing lyrics. Cheryl loved writing but felt the challenge of finding a suitable outlet. It was all so confusing and disjointed, but eventually, we decided to take real action and simply start at the beginning. Heart to heart conversation. We had to commit to time together—listening and reading from the past ten years of journals. We decided to take a year-long retreat to re-write our story. Eventually we found ourselves alone, in a remote coastal town, with a bag full of journals and just the two of us amid utter silence.

Sharing the same books on the plane had us loaded with interesting thoughts and questions about this unique story. What would it be, and where would it lead?  We decided that trusting the process was the only way through. After unpacking and settling in, we were full of nervous excitement as the conversation began to flow. Within a few hours some music appeared around the idea of this journey we had begun. Then, to our surprise and delight, Cheryl sat down and spontaneously wrote the lyrics for the first song that we co-wrote together—Never Sleep. That was the simple beginning of a continuous stream of writing that was to form the basis of our evolving shared vision.

Some months later, on this journey of the heart where spontaneity and intuition rule, Cheryl walked into the room and announced, “I want to learn to sing harmony.” We were both a little shocked at what she just said because she had rarely really sung in her life. So, being true to the nature of this ad-hoc adventure, we searched out people who were willing to coach us on what we needed to learn in order to sing and record our own music. Following our instincts we continued writing about our feelings and daily conversations, using our music as a means of documenting the journey. It too was a wonderful way to build a new relationship. We lived it, wrote about it, sang it, recorded it, listened to it, and continued talking about it.

As we recorded each song, we began writing and drawing images of the experience as well, integrating our interests in music, art and story. As the vision unfolded, we found ourselves totally absorbed in this process of notating our life through music, art, and narrative—learning more about ourselves and our partnership with each new story.  After nearly 10 years of writing and recording, we decided it was time to create a new vision that merges our internal focus on spirituality and growth with that of reaching out into the world. The two are very different, but must happen simultaneously. We call it “living inside out.”

Vision 2009+

Our Promise to you: We invite you to join us on this journey into relationship, with soulful partners in your life and/or within yourself. This site is an artistic disclosure—offered to those who seek romance and meaning in their most sacred relationships. What you will find here are the stories of two people who made a radical recommitment in the second half of their lives. We are opening a window to you through this web site, so that we may join together into a larger dialogue. It is our hope that you will find our stories, art, music, and links to other worlds, both engaging, enlightening, thought-provoking and healing. We promise honesty and authenticity in all that we share. We hope you enjoy this contemporary tale of change and transformation, and find your own creative spark—perhaps igniting something deep within.


We want to open up possiblities:
Show life in a different light
Allow what lies hidden to become visible
Bring the background to the foreground
Provide windows into the soul
Unlock doors for transformation
Melt what has been frozen
Provide a context for others to find their own most important questions
Offer a safe opening for change
Make personal growth more compelling
Serve as guides for a pathway to a possible journey
Open space for healing
Provide places for rest and renewal
Speak our own truth, and through speaking it, learn it

Welcome to our world of music and story!

“I have listened to many stories and believe that if a person can find a deeper story to tell, one less familiar and worn, less useful in maintaining the status quo, then something might happen that we call change.” The Re-enchantment of Every Day Life—Thomas Moore, p. 243

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