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Statement of Intent
This site is offered as an invitation into conversation with fellow travelers who, while exploring our world, are seeking possibility and authenticity. Our intention is to enhance our shared humanity through honest reflection of the ordinary day-to-day. Therefore, the openness of this site must be balanced by appropriate exclusions for us and those who participate. As a result, the following aspects are protected.

The site Uncommon Promise is © copyrighted by Cheryl and Emerson Martlage, with rights reserved. We abide by the guidelines set forth in the Creative Commons licensing structure of Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. All that is included on our site is original, integrating stories, music, and art. If you would like to use any of our material for commercial purposes, please contact us.

Comments and Ownership
All comments belong to their authors, and Uncommon Promise assumes no responsibility for their content. While no comments will ever be modified, we reserve the right to remove at will, any comments deemed unacceptable or distasteful.

Since engaged conversation is central to the purpose of this site, privacy is extremely important for all of us. As a result, email addresses are encoded to protect against inappropriate use. It is important to note, however, that the protection we have built into this site can never be 100% guaranteed.  Posting of your email address must be done so at your own risk. Please rest assured, however, that when you do post, your IP number is logged, but will never appear to anyone else viewing this web site.

All personal information submitted to this site will never be sold, rented, given away or otherwise made available to other sites, mailing lists, or third parties.

Uncommon Promise does not currently accept advertising. Further, any comments posted that appear to be advertising will be removed, and that IP number will be banned from further posting.

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