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By Invitation
We share our lives by invitation.


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By+InvitationBy Invitation 2009-08-15
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  6. Higher the Hair
  7. Your Voice
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By Invitation
Offers extended and accepted create new collaborations.
Wednesday morning, we’re off to Riccardo’s coffee bar to enjoy a cappuccino and for wi-fi to catch up with our messages.

When two women arrive and sit at the next table, we barely notice. As they prepare to leave, we find ourselves drawn into conversation—four global citizens sharing a remote time and place. A mother and daughter from the US and Sweden, they’re on an Italian adventure. Something clicks between us, and we spontaneously give them each a CD as a reminder of our encounter.

In the car, we comment on how interesting and delightful they were. We have a sudden inspiration to invite them for lunch at our place in the country. We spy them strolling on the sidewalk and extend the invitation, and they accept with curious caution.

Presence is requested

The Italian countryside is a perfect backdrop, as we sit together under the grape-leaf-covered pergola, talking as if we were old friends happy to be reunited. At dusk we drive them back to town.

Reflecting on the day, we realize that we create our lives by invitation—by making and accepting offers to engage, taking a risk, opening to possibility. That evening, we excitedly write the music and lyrics for what will become the title song of our next CD. 

Casual invitations, extended and accepted, are fertile ground for new collaborations and a life rich with surprises.

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