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Changing Ways
There are so many ways one can go.


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After+AllAfter All 2008-09-15
  1. After All
  2. Stone by Stone
  3. Secret Pocket
  4. Inherit
  5. Changing Ways
  6. Only Miles Away
  7. Narrow Ledge
  8. Play (Zia's Song)
  9. Big Green Chair
  10. Thief


Changing Ways
The presence of others changes our direction.
I stand at a dusty crossroad, squinting at my map and peering over the top at a row of weathered wooden signs. I fold the map, climb back in the car, and consider my options. The road to the right is shorter, but it’s old and rough. The road to the left is better, but it snakes through the hills. The road straight ahead is the least scenic.

At the crossroads

I notice that an old man is leaning on a fence post and watching me, resting his walking stick in the dust. He smiles and I return a nod.

“Hello there! You from around here? Which way should I go?”

“Depends on whatcha wanna see along the way.”

“How far is it to the next town?”

“Depends on which way ya go.”

“Any advice?”

“Well, I’ve been up and down these roads over the years, but no matter which one I take, seems like I always wind up in a place called Parts Unknown. If you feel like company, I’ll ride along, show ya the way.  I know a little shortcut through Another Place that you might find kinda interesting.”

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