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Live Again
Maybe tomorrow morning I'll take a different view.


Live Again
The expectations that matter the most are my own.
After the fever breaks, there is an incredible moment of relief. Suddenly as if by magic, the world opens up again and we begin to see possiblilities. No longer covered up by loss and limitations, we are surrounded by interesting choices. We begin to engage. We laugh. We smile with anticipation. At the moment when we find the strength to shift our perspectives, everything looks fresh and new. Nothing has really changed except the way we see.

Shadows follow my lead

In our own experience, over the previous three years of this partnered adventure, we found this phenomenon of new perspectives always ready, simply waiting for us. Repeatedly, we felt the energy flowing back in, where we could again resume our previous course, or even chart an entirely new one. We also observed this phenomenon occurring with friends and family as they grieved over loss, until they were finally finished with the grieving and decided to live again. At the moment when the shift occurs, there is a flurry of activity and an overwhelming sense of abundance.

The most interesting thing about this pivotal point is that it almost always seems to defy our will. We spring from our discouragements when the time is right and not before, no matter how much we try to force it. Almost as if there is an unseen hand moving alongside our own, that offers us a new perspective, and magically finds the strength and courage to live again.

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