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Something Out of Nothing
Always looking for sparks of inspiration.


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Something Out of Nothing
Sometimes surprising notions seem to arrive from nowhere.
Bolt upright, my eyes scan the darkness and focus on the digital blue numbers. 3:27 am. What? Where? Why now? I’m suddenly aware of what awoke me: an idea for a song. Usually the inspirations come from tangible things, a conversation, or the overwhelming sight of something intensely beautiful or filled with meaning. Why now? I hastily try to connect the pieces of my inspiration, follow the faint strand. Nothing. Only the jolt of energy, sufficient to wake me.

At my fingertips

I switch on the light and grope for a pen. Half asleep, I scribble lines randomly on the paper. I’m too groggy to make sense, but at least the essence is captured.

In the morning, I pick up the paper and read my nocturnal scribblings. Hmm, not bad, wonder where it came from. I feel like a voyeur, a bystander. Maybe in sleep I am more open, less able to resist. Maybe I actually have little to do with creation. The mysterious words feel like a gift. I pull a chair to the computer and begin writing. With the night’s inspiration as a starting point, I add lines and together they fit surprisingly well into a rough melody, drafted only yesterday.

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