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So compelling I can't break away


If you enjoy the song Sparks, you may enjoy songs from the rest of the album.
By+InvitationBy Invitation 2009-08-15
  1. By Invitation
  2. Sparks
  3. Open Mind
  4. Sea Change
  5. Sled of Hay
  6. Higher the Hair
  7. Your Voice
  8. Finally Friends
  9. Elegy
  10. Second Chance


Every moment is a new beginning.
“On Monday morning we’ll have a quiz on the periodic table. So study hard and don’t say I didn’t warn you—have a nice weekend!”

Hundreds of students spring noisily to their feet. Crossing my fingers in hopes that she is here, I scan the crowd. “She’s here somewhere,” I think, hoping she hasn’t slipped away with a friend, already making plans for the weekend.

I turn for a last look, and there she is, walking alone toward me. Our eyes meet and linger. Tongue-tied, I murmur, “Hello.”  She stops at my side, glances up and smiles. Her voice echoes softly, “Hi.” Then, after a pause, “I’m Cheryl.”

Sparks of something new

I probably appear relaxed, but seconds pass before I blurt out my name. I was captivated. Her face told me she felt the same. In that moment, we experienced a flash like a sparkler bursting into flame on the Fourth of July.

That was forty years ago. Still the magic persists and the sparks fly.

Inspired by the poem Across the Room by Cecelia Gay

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