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The Fever Breaks
Breaking through this endless night, at last I am released.


The Fever Breaks
Our journey takes a turn and we are lost no more. We feel relieved and hopeful.
Challenges arrive each day that we face head-on. It’s normal. We get past them; improve the situation and then move on. We are problem solvers and enjoy the process of overcoming obstacles. Some issues present more difficulty, lingering a bit longer, and holding on despite our best efforts. We may slow in the process, yet we prevail.

Fiery feeling

There are other situations, however, that arrive and persist. Long after we ever imagined, they remain, defiant, aggressive, and insistent almost with lives of their own. No longer do we think in terms of simple solutions to knotty problems, but instead, consider ourselves to be in a war of sorts. We can no longer rely on automatic, spontaneous, natural answers, but must carefully plan our next move, strategize, anticipate, and outwit. Quickly life becomes very serious, and we begin to wear down.

It is important that we carry on despite the odds. We must recognize that these problems are particularly complex. It becomes a question of accumulation, built up beyond our grasp. Focused on the vision, we remain persistent, drawn tightly to the critical sustaining relationships, and simply allow the process to work through.

One day the fever just breaks. Upon reflection we can see that out of the disruptive, almost life-threatening situations come new awarenesses. Out of every experience whether perceived as good or bad, comes the light of learning, and in some small way, we awaken to ourselves just a little bit more.

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