The UP Side Lowdown

Em here~

Today, Cheryl restarted her blog after several months of coasting along with a few broken parts. Now it is back up and running and I think we are all in for some interesting conversation. It is especially important for us now that we have started this joint blog related to the writing of our book, and documenting “Italian Moments” along the way. Her individual observations and musings on life will provide us with a counterpoint to all of our more focused work together.

Her writings will offer heartfelt and poetic musings on the wholeness of life—both the up-side and the down-side (as we so often call it). It will be a great reality check that we will all get to listen in on, and then, hopefully, enter into the fray with comments of our own. I look forward to the spontaneous, clear and honest style that is uniquely hers, and hope you will meet me there every so often, for some good old-fashioned conversation about the “stuff” of life. Following is the link:

The UP Side Lowdown by Cheryl




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