What more could one want?

Tuscany had an unusually tough winter.

No rain to speak of. Little snow . . . but very cold.

Olive trees suffered terribly. The caldaia (water heater) went out.

Two radiators froze and broke.

Water was everywhere inside—mopping to be done.

Then, mid-March, spring arrived, but without rain.

Wells were nearly dry.

Il Sindaco (the mayor) of Florence warned of possible water rationing. If required, the rationing was to be one hour, morning and evening only. He said it would take a solid month of rain for the water supply to be replenished.

So, he encouraged everyone to pray for rain.

It worked!

Beautiful rain water has soaked Tuscany for 3 weeks straight and counting.

Mostly, we’ve stayed inside reading and writing—dreaming and singing.

Dinner last night was by the fire. We enjoyed some roast chicken, accompanied by a salad.

It was delightful.


As we ate, we heard the pitter-patter of rain splashing on the stones just outside the door.

We imagined that we could hear the well filling, gurgling with cool spring water.

We wondered: What more could one want?


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