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Yesterday morning Cheryl received a sketchy  message about a developing family situation. A more detailed email arrived a few hours later, followed by an explicit phone call that afternoon. Today we must go to the airport to explore options and make arrangements—one foot out the door, while the other foot remains grounded in this writing […]

How strange! Italy in November with literally millions of olive trees, yet no one is picking the olives—and no one ever will! Instead, they will raccolgono, gather them, or prendono, take them. Just try to use the word “pick” on Italians and note the puzzled looks on their faces. They probably can’t imagine what you […]

Hidden bits of history are embedded within the new. Inside new buildings and structures of any large city we find traces of grandeur, clues to a vibrant, distant past. Days-gone-by are tucked in and amongst new forms. We love the diversity and visual interest that’s generated when styles and eras get juxtaposed against each other—natural […]

Something happened as we drove  home the other day. Returning from a routine visit into Fiesole to buy a few groceries and for Em to get a haircut, we rounded the curve just beyond the small town of Borgunto, home to the “bottle-neck capital” of Italy. To our surprise, an oncoming car flashed its headlights. […]

“There is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.”Virginia Woolf  1882 – 1941 Hilma af Klint, born in Stockholm in 1862 was an individual who demanded the freedom of her own mind. While it was still mostly unfashionable for women to be trained in the arts, […]

Not every bridge is famous. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t all equally important. In fact, the smaller they get, the more “pedestrian” they become, and in some ways, more important. Why? Because they make a real difference for local people in their every-day lives. Neighborhood bridges get built because individuals make it a priority, […]

We awakened to a gray morning in the valley with fog just outside the window so thick you could see it hanging in clumps. Cheryl turned to me and said “Come stai oggi, how are you today?” “Sto male, I’m not well,” I said with a coarseness in my voice. It seemed that my sinus condition […]

June 24, 2004 Ah, to be property owners in Italy! The day finally arrived, after four unbelievably frustrating years of waiting. All that remained was the simple exchange of signatures for a key—or so we thought! 7:00 am We awakened fresh and excited for the special day to unfold. It was the long-awaited meeting with […]

Welcome to an amazing episode in the continuing story of Sara, the Wonder Dachshund. Cheryl: I will tell this story as best I can from the details Em recounted as he lay on the sofa recovering from his “urgent adventure” with Sara. Dogs are incredible creatures. Did you know they have about 300 million smell […]

Turning point This song shifted our focus from Spain to Italy. That change was organic and actually happened as we were writing this song. While gazing through the open window into the Tuscan countryside a light rain began to fall. We suddenly felt a connection with Tuscany that seemed to take hold and grow stronger. […]