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Yesterday morning Cheryl received a sketchy  message about a developing family situation. A more detailed email arrived a few hours later, followed by an explicit phone call that afternoon. Today we must go to the airport to explore options and make arrangements—one foot out the door, while the other foot remains grounded in this writing […]

How strange! Italy in November with literally millions of olive trees, yet no one is picking the olives—and no one ever will! Instead, they will raccolgono, gather them, or prendono, take them. Just try to use the word “pick” on Italians and note the puzzled looks on their faces. They probably can’t imagine what you […]

Over time, a “pusher” has become the description of a shady drug dealer. He/she’s the one who “pushes” or sells the product, using aggressive behavior. But, we think the term is broader than that—it’s simply someone who applies pressure to get their way. We remember the old “Our Gang” episodes. Spanky and Alfalfa are typically […]

  This is a very difficult time for us, and we imagine that we are not alone. Our world is hurting, suffering more insults and injuries every day. Our concerns are based in the reality of what we see with our own eyes everyday: US withdrawal from the Paris Accord – signifying a cavalier attitude […]

Everything is about relationships. Some are given to us without our asking, like siblings, genetics and place of birth, while many are freely chosen. However, no matter what the relationships are, whether given or chosen, we can always change them—strengthen, weaken, destroy or ignore—the options are endless. Our lives are full to overflowing with decisions […]

There’s a place in Italy called Pretena. We’ve been fortunate to have lived there for more than a decade now. We were drawn to the spiritual quality of that spot overlooking the Italian countryside and valley below, dotted with ancient castles, villas, farmhouses, vineyards and countless olive groves. Mostly, we enjoy the rolling meadows surrounding […]

We were reflecting and talking about how our lives have changed, and how much we have each grown personally along the way. When we were younger, we were much more entangled with everything external. Who we were was more relative and less absolute. It was easy to get caught-up in striving, rewards and competition. We […]

Life is really made up of the small things that happen everyday—not the big vacations, nor the major events, but rather, simple words, subtle expressions and small gestures that make a difference. The essence of our lives is tucked in and around the innumerable little things that may elude our notice. For us, paying close […]

We were in Italy during the US election of 2008, so we voted absentee. As Americans, we felt that we had lost ground in many ways around the world, so were ready for change. In addition, time was running out as the issues of Global Warming marched on. We read “Flat, Hot, and Crowded,” by […]

Friends returned from a sailing excursion, disappointed with the experience. The trip didn’t really meet their hopes and expectations. We all want things to happen the way we plan them. We hold unrealistic expectations that often lead to disappointment and frustration. Our conversations over the next several days reminded us of the ideas presented by […]