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Em had recently announced his retirement, but still had obligations. One commitment was a business meeting in Ireland. We decided to make it our last fling, little side excursion of our own to Dublin. While staying in some amazing historic manor homes and castles, we were truly inspired. Em wrote the music, created to reflect […]

Dublin Castle. Stunning. Impressive. Disorienting? On a sunny Thursday morning we entered through the enormous iron gates to the outer courtyard. The castle grounds were impressive with an eclectic mix of architectural styles. Apparent additions over the centuries resulted in a cluster of buildings boasting a massive medieval tower, grand Georgian wings, an incredible Gothic […]

Forty-one years ago we sat in a Miami University dorm room, where Emerson played and first sang a song for me called “Catch the Wind” by Donovan. Where were you? It’s fascinating to look back at significant events and influences in our lives—those that made a difference. Though there are many, it’s possible to whittle […]