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This year we decided to attend the special Easter celebration in Florence (Who wouldn’t want to see the famous Explosion of the Cart?) But try as we may, we could not find the starting time for the festivities. We stopped by the local tourist office, but it was closed. We called a couple of phone […]

Not every bridge is famous. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t all equally important. In fact, the smaller they get, the more “pedestrian” they become, and in some ways, more important. Why? Because they make a real difference for local people in their every-day lives. Neighborhood bridges get built because individuals make it a priority, […]

The last line of the message was left unfinished. Our therapist said that WE would need to complete the sentence later. That evening, after re-reading the notes from the day’s session, we both paused at the unfinished line as if slowly, cautiously walking up to the edge of a cliff. We each knew the answer. […]

Everybody loves a good secret. The mystery is compelling. “I know something you don’t know!” Is just knowing, the ultimate satisfaction? Or, is telling the secret an uncontrollable urge that’s surprisingly fun? And, haven’t you known someone who simply wouldn’t tell? Do you admire them or are they secretly suspect? Renaissance artist, Leonardo da Vinci, […]

We challenge you to find a squeakier door anywhere else in the world. If you can top this one which was discovered in Florence Italy, we would like to hear about it!

Cheryl needed fresh perspective and a chance to begin again, focused on her passions. Soon, she was headed to Florence, Italy to study Art Conservation. Alone. Whether centered on a passion or not, any solo journey is bound to bring us face to face with new views of ourselves and our lives. Join Cheryl as […]

Our friends down the hill Sabrina and Roberto, hired Alessio Merciai, a local historian, to research and write the story of their beloved villa, Il Trebbiolo. They have been working non-stop for 10 years to restore it to the grandeur of its finest hour in the 16th century, and they’ve done a fantastic job. The […]

The Espresso experience is so much more than drinking a cup of coffee. Of course the ultimate espresso can only be found in Italy. Case closed. Nothing can match the total experience of the morning espresso and pasta, pastry at a real Italian neighborhood bar. What makes it unique? Hmm, well . . . we’ll take […]

The magical, mystical allure of Dominoes. In the hills of 12th century China, domino tiles were purportedly invented. That said, there are pesky rumors of earlier Egyptian and Arabian origins that have persisted over the centuries. Everyone wants the prestigious honor of having dreamt-up one of the greatest games ever made. But regardless of the […]