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A family visit to Nashville Indiana turns into a surprise adventure. Buckle up for some good old-fashioned fun! Note: You may also be interested in other stories about Indianapolis, Indiana.

When we lived in Indianapolis, years ago, Emerson and his friend, Dave rode bikes on the weekends. They always had a destination, but found that the process of going there was ultimately far more important than arriving. This was the perfect storyline to help us connect to an important idea. The story spilled out effortlessly. […]

A committee member from our old church in Indianapolis, sent us an email message while we were Italy. They were preparing for their 50-year celebration in 2008 and she wondered if we would write a song to commemorate the event. We had some rough ideas, but Cheryl came up with the notion of “From an […]

We share the same middle name—Emerson. I miss my dad. About a week ago, an envelope arrived in the mail. The address was hand written in a recognizably flamboyant style, using what appeared to be a black Sharpie felt-tip pen. Clue number one was the unmistakable script—none other than my mom’s handwriting. Inside was a […]

Unfortunately, it’s true. One year ago I visited family in Indiana. Strolling from the plane to the baggage claim, I admired the Weir Cook Terminal at the new Indianapolis International Airport. I thoroughly enjoyed the architecture, the open spaces and the great environment that had been created. It was functional yet beautiful. Nice! Job well […]

We were driving through the rolling hills and plains of central Indiana and southwestern Ohio a couple of weeks ago. It was smack dab in the middle of a winter freeze, so the patchy snow and the gray-brown horizon of leafless trees presented a rather somber welcome. In some strange way we hoped for an […]

We arrived in Indiana on a Monday afternoon. After a wonderful dinner at Piper’s on the southside, we drove to beautiful Brown County, where we settled in for a good night’s rest. The next morning a brisk walk seemed in order. In less than a minute, Harold single-handedly assembled the “motorcycle” from its pieces, which […]

Forty-one years ago we sat in a Miami University dorm room, where Emerson played and first sang a song for me called “Catch the Wind” by Donovan. Where were you? It’s fascinating to look back at significant events and influences in our lives—those that made a difference. Though there are many, it’s possible to whittle […]