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We observed that people have very different ways to communicate. For us, time together meant conversation together. Ultimately when you spend a certain quantity of time, quality is a natural outcome. We found that our most “intimate” moments were in conversation. So we decided to write a song about making love—but not in the traditional, […]

Drawings, Stories and Lyrics The Way to Love        Offerings          Where the Iris Blooms        My Cottage               Circle of Trust Heartland           In the Meantime             Yesterday Me                Eye Witness              Winter’s End Legacy The Way To Love is about “Creating Intimacy” and continues the story of our growth and change as partners. Through this music we […]

Twenty years ago we decided to take some bold steps together on a journey of the heart, to discover a new level of relationship—one truly based on openness, honesty, commitment and shared values. Although always our intention, we decided to be more deliberate and proactive in growing a relationship that made sense for us. We […]

Our friend took a 5-month retreat to write his own story following his departure from work. He had been dissatisfied for many years, and he needed to fight his way back to himself. Finally, for those 5 months, he gave himself the gift of silence, space, and reflection. Our friend spent many lonely evenings away […]

A few months ago, we came across a program called “Workaway.” It’s an online organization that allows people who need help to find those people who want to help. Or conversely, people who want to help, can find someone with an engaging project. The idea is simple. If you want to spend time in Norway, […]

Simone and Alessia arrived around mezzogiorno, noon the other day for lunch with us in the country. The sun was bright and the air was clear with that unmistakable fall crispness. We hadn’t seen them for over a year, so it was especially fun for us to have that time together to sit and talk […]

Healthy never tasted so good. Recently we stumbled upon a recipe on Instagram. Our nephew Joshua described a simple dish that we think is worth sharing far and wide.  Josh decided it was time to take some action with his general health. He needed an energy boost and a way to lower his cholesterol without […]

This story began with conversations with our friends about what they felt a “legacy” really was. It was all very interesting to us as we felt strongly that our greatest legacy was not in material or positional power, but rather in the memories created throughout a lifetime of caring and loving. We were thinking about […]

Cheryl was in Italy alone. In the time before Emerson arrived, she spent many quiet hours reading and observing. She wrote this poem as she stood at the bedroom window gazing out into the valley on a late March morning. She sent the poem to Emerson in California and he immediately began writing a melody […]

We were reading a number of books about consciousness, among them were several by Ken Wilbur: “Boomeritis,” and “A Brief History of Everything,” as well as another book called “What Really Matters.” We also read (after having seen the movie) “What the Bleep Do We Know,” which led us to discover “Ramtha: the White Book.” […]