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This video is the first in a series called “Italian Moments,” which follow Cheryl and Emerson  in everyday experiences as they write their book, “Under the Tuscan Thumb: trying to live in Italy as true Italians.” Note: You might also be interested in the story that goes with this video called “Lunch at Vinandro.” There […]

This video is the first in a series called “Thumbnail Sketches,” which follow Cheryl and Emerson  in the process of writing their book, “Under the Tuscan Thumb: 16 years of trying to live in Italy as true Italians.” Note: You might also be interested in some other stories/videos about the writing, and the digital book […]

At Riccardo’s coffee bar in Fiesole one morning, two women sat down at the table next to ours. We paid little attention at first, but as they were about to leave, we began a conversation. Of Swedish descent, they were on holiday from the US. Something clicked between us, and as we drove away, we […]

This story began with conversations with our friends about what they felt a “legacy” really was. It was all very interesting to us as we felt strongly that our greatest legacy was not in material or positional power, but rather in the memories created throughout a lifetime of caring and loving. We were thinking about […]

Em’s father’s health had been failing for some time, but by the fall of 2001 he seemed more stable. In light of his improvements, we prepared for our routine trip back to Italy. When we left the US, Harry was out of the hospital. He had been given an oxygen tank, but was mobile and […]

Paola’s father, Gofredo Martini, lived with her, Pietro and their son, Matteo. In Italy, it’s common for multi-generations to share a home. Through the years, we came to know him quite well. At 94, he was always dapper and still wore his sport coat and tie daily. But following Paola’s death, he longed to die. […]

Our good friend Pietro lost his dear wife Paola. We were all shocked and saddened. We lived in the same building in the little town of Fiesole just outside of Florence. They were extremely important to us, as the helped us adjust to Italian life and kept us from getting into too much trouble. We […]

We’re currently living at the bottom of a steep cliff in Lyon, France. Behind us is a sheer wall of rock about 170 feet, or 52 meters high. It comes crashing almost directly down from the area above with a gentle horizontal slope at the bottom directly into the Saône River.

On a beautiful sunny day in Fiesole, Riccardo’s coffee bar was magically transformed right before our eyes. You can find the complete story/video at “Balloon Bracelet.”

What a delightful summer morning! Our sweet little “Sesame Street” town, Fiesole, is tucked into the hills just above Florence. Since it was the last day of July, the first question we usually ask is: when will the shop/bar owners close for the grand summer shutdown?