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The pilgrim’s walk called “Saint-Jaques-de-Compostelle,” begins in the beautiful French town of le Puy en Valey. Ancient vignettes are around every corner. This video is a short sampling of the mood and feel of the place. Perhaps just enough to encourage you to stop by on your way to a long and inspirational walk. Note: […]

Ever heard that statement? Someone decides that he/she has reached some sort of limit, set a boundary, stopped an affront. Before that moment, supposedly all options were on the table. When lines are blurred, sometimes even an individual can’t be clearly defined. So setting boundaries is a healthy practice, right? So then, what’s the difference […]

We awakened to a gray morning in the valley with fog just outside the window so thick you could see it hanging in clumps. Cheryl turned to me and said “Come stai oggi, how are you today?” “Sto male, I’m not well,” I said with a coarseness in my voice. It seemed that my sinus condition […]

Niki de Saint Phalle was a French-American artist/sculptor, born near Paris in 1930, and died in San Diego, California in 2002. She was a pioneer and celebrated the world over in feminist and monumental art. During the later years of her life she lived in San Diego, where there are many sculptural masterpieces that can […]

Everybody loves a good secret. The mystery is compelling. “I know something you don’t know!” Is just knowing, the ultimate satisfaction? Or, is telling the secret an uncontrollable urge that’s surprisingly fun? And, haven’t you known someone who simply wouldn’t tell? Do you admire them or are they secretly suspect? Renaissance artist, Leonardo da Vinci, […]

Listen to what Jean Pierre had to say to Emerson at Place Sathonay, Lyon France. The most random people at any moment can give us clues about who we are, and who we are not . . . if we just pay attention! Note: You may also enjoy our story/video called “Saturday at Sathonay,” and […]

Join us on a 10-day pilgrimage through the rolling countryside of southern France. Walk with us, as pilgrims did centuries ago, through villages and farms, plains and peaks, from Le Puy-en-Velay to Conques, 200 km of varied terrain. Note: You may also enjoy the stories called “On the Saint James Way,” and “Finding Our Way,” […]

Join us on a leisurely walk through Claude Monet’s Garden in Giverny, France. It was an important part of the inspiration on our journey to create a different relationship with new direction. Monet changed our world, and still impacts people’s lives in amazing ways to this day. Note: You may also be interested in our […]

Our trip to France included an encore visit to the chapel at Ronchamp, Monet’s Garden, and Vincent Van Gogh’s home/burial site at Auvers-sur-Oise. We really enjoyed the revisit after 10 years. The trip offered an opportunity to better understand what has changed within each of us—both the encouraging and discouraging aspects, including the a few […]

In the winter of 1972 we set out to discover Europe. With a Eurail Pass in hand, we wound our way from cathedrals to castles to churches. One of those special churches was Le Corbusier’s Ronchamp Chapel, east of Paris, almost at the Swiss border. It was late December and as we were walking up […]