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Our trip to France included an encore visit to the chapel at Ronchamp, Monet’s Garden, and Vincent Van Gogh’s home/burial site at Auvers-sur-Oise. We really enjoyed the revisit after 10 years. The trip offered an opportunity to better understand what has changed within each of us—both the encouraging and discouraging aspects, including the a few […]

In the winter of 1972 we set out to discover Europe. With a Eurail Pass in hand, we wound our way from cathedrals to castles to churches. One of those special churches was Le Corbusier’s Ronchamp Chapel, east of Paris, almost at the Swiss border. It was late December and as we were walking up […]

After 40 years we returned to one of those inspirational places that made a difference in our lives together—Ronchamp, France. There, we stood in the open yet intimate space, singing our song as it reverberated through the chapel. Little did we know that it was foretelling of a future that we were yet to discover. […]

Every once in a while we run across an absolute gem—something completely unexpected that makes us breathe a collective, “Ahhhh!” In early June we encountered such a gem: a lovely bed and breakfast in Ronchamp, called La Maison D’hôtes du Parc. By now we are pretty capable travelers, having stayed in a range of places. […]

Duct tape. The miracle material was invented in 1942. Since then, it has been acclaimed as the perfect solution to fix just about anything, from a broken pipe to aircraft. More recently, its versatility has brought it to the forefront of fashion design, bizarre costumes, competitions, and even sitcoms. We thought we’d seen it all […]