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This “Scott-umentary” follows three friends on a Tuscan roadtrip through the hilltowns of Cortona, Montepulciano and Pienza. It is the third in a series called “Italian Moments” where we share everyday experiences as we write our book. Note: You might also be interested in other stories about Scott’s adventures in Italy, as well as the […]

We hope you enjoy this personal video invitation to join us June 2011 in Tuscany for the retreat, “Rediscovering the Fire of Everyday Life” presented by Dr. R. Scott Colglazier. Note: You may also be interested in other stories/videos like “Video Invitation—In Touch In Tuscany,” “Rediscovering the Fire of Everyday Life,” and other stories about […]

This video is an overview of the retreat called “Rediscovering the Fire of Everyday Life” led by R. Scott Colglazier, in the Tuscan countryside—June 2011. You will get glimpses into the personality and style of the event that can only be described as exceeding all expectations. Note: You may also want to read our story […]

As we anticipated hosting a spiritual retreat in Italy, we talked about the list of attendees. It was a diverse group of people with varied backgrounds, from different walks of life and all ages. But regardless of the origin, everyone brings his/her own form of “fire” to such an event. Each is passionate about totally […]

Just after we returned from our walk of St. Francis in Umbria, our friend Scott came for a visit. We were at the end of our sabbatical time, about to decide what the future would hold—considering whether or not we would write anymore music. Then, one morning, Em went out to the studio and wrote […]

Ah, the ever popular stuzzicadenti, toothpick. Yes, they are readily available the world over. In any grocery store, a hundred can be had for a few coins. But the picking of one’s teeth shouldn’t be limited to processed slivers of wood. Oh, no! For those of you who are already a bit confused by the […]

There’s nothing quite like a smarty-pants e-mail. What I mean by that is: when somebody sends you a message that seems innocent enough at a glance, but beyond the surface niceties, there’s an underlying smarty-pants attitude that can’t be denied. The reason I even bring this topic up is because I got one of those […]

We just finished hosting our first In Touch In Tuscany retreat at the beautiful Villa Il Trebbiolo just outside of Florence. Scott Colglazier led us all through an engaging process of Rediscovering the Fire of Everyday Life. After the retreat concluded, Cheryl and I offered an optional tour of Florence. Of course the tour was […]

We tossed about the idea of an inspirational retreat in Tuscany. It’s an ideal location—romantic, beautiful, balmy. We even created a draft letter to invite spiritual leaders to consider such a project. Then our friend, Scott Colglazier came for a visit and lo and behold, he proposed that we co-create a retreat. Talk about synchronicity! […]