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Join us on a routine stop at the Frescobaldi Cantina where saying “il pieno, fill’er up” will provide months worth of good drinkin’ and more than a lifetime of soulful satisfaction—guaranteed! After all, the taste of the wine isn’t nearly as important as the taste of the friendship. Note: You might enjoy a couple of […]

“You’re so lucky!” We often hear that phrase. But actually, we believe that chance and intention are best friends. To quote the Roman philosopher, Seneca, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”. To envision a world where we individually create our own realities with sheer force of will, defies our lived experience. Yet to […]

More than a decade has passed. We find ourselves drawn once again to this “delusional” bedtime story, woven by the master storyteller, Laurie Anderson. On a Saturday night 12 years ago, we witnessed a spectacular performance. At the EX3 Theater of Contemporary Arts across the Arno River in Florence Italy, Laurie Anderson mesmerized the audience […]

We circled the flickering campfire as the balmy day gave way to a cool evening breeze. Quietly inspired by the massive peaks standing watch over the rugged southern California landscape, a momentary hush fell upon us. The day’s end encouraged reflection. Clearly this was a Kumbaya moment, with the expectation of guitar accompaniment. Our daughter […]

Healthy never tasted so good. Recently we stumbled upon a recipe on Instagram. Our nephew Joshua described a simple dish that we think is worth sharing far and wide.  Josh decided it was time to take some action with his general health. He needed an energy boost and a way to lower his cholesterol without […]

Libra is Latin for scale or balance and in ancient Rome became a unit of weight (around 12 ounces), the forerunner of the pound. As the 7th sign in the Zodiac, Libra represents someone born between September 23rd and October 22nd, who may harbor a fixation on balance and harmony. A true Libra may be […]

Turning point This song shifted our focus from Spain to Italy. That change was organic and actually happened as we were writing this song. While gazing through the open window into the Tuscan countryside a light rain began to fall. We suddenly felt a connection with Tuscany that seemed to take hold and grow stronger. […]

We are surrounded by vineyards of Antinori. Fortunately, they are one of the oldest wine-making families in the world and have learned quite a few things over the past 600 years. As a result, everything they do is precise, immaculate and beautiful. Perfect neighbors. The vineyards are irresistible. They change constantly with each season, daily […]

There’s a place in Italy called Pretena. We’ve been fortunate to have lived there for more than a decade now. We were drawn to the spiritual quality of that spot overlooking the Italian countryside and valley below, dotted with ancient castles, villas, farmhouses, vineyards and countless olive groves. Mostly, we enjoy the rolling meadows surrounding […]