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This song is a reflection of the way we saw our life before we decided to make major changes. It’s often easier to see things in retrospect. This is the story of finding ourselves waiting for the day when there will be time, and renewed interest in what the other one does. It seems that […]

Election year, 2004. We had voted using absentee ballots before we left California. Later, we heard that the absentee ballots were not going to be counted, due to some technicality. So we called the American Consulate in Florence and voted again, because we felt it was that important to be counted. We felt like Americans […]

For a few years, we had attended “Moon Gatherings,” hosted by Pele and FireHawk in the Santa Cruz mountains. We both had a number of experiences with “circles” for therapy and conversation so we were comfortable with the format. We understand the power of small groups of trusted friends, working to deepen experiences through sharing. […]

We were in many conversations with a friend about her life situation and how she was searching for something that seemed illusive, missing. She expressed a completeness with where she had been, but longed for a simpler, more secluded life. We began talking about the idea of a special cottage tucked away in the woods […]

We were in Italy while Iris was in California, graciously taking care of the house and dogs. One night we received a distress call from Iris, telling us that the huge old oak tree in the back yard had collapsed in a bad storm. We were sad to imagine the loss of our beloved tree […]

We were in the early throes of creating the “Uncommon Promise” website, and had many talks about what it meant to put something “out into the world.” We wondered how to do that and still maintain the sense of independence and authenticity fundamental to the life we were creating. Our friend had scheduled a retreat […]

This music represents our first attempt at using other instrumental sounds in addition to the guitars. The intention was to take our original music, which was created as musical stories for vocals, and render them strictly as instrumentals to use as soft background music for candlelight dinners. The process opened up a new range of […]

Families are unique. Some make music. Our granddaughter Rosie June spent a weekend with us recently. Her visits always guarantee a fun time together, even though we rarely make plans. We’re happy to let events and activities simply unfold. We picked her up on Friday evening, sharing a dinner with Rosie and her folks before […]

Marking the end of an Era, Mom died on January 19, 2022 at 5 in the morning. Her lifelong goal was to be 100 years-old, but “Big Rosie” fell a mere 73 days short of that milestone. For her valiant effort and positive attitude, the family has given her a pass and will consider the […]

STARDUST In January 2022, Em’s mom, Rose Louise died. After nearly 100 wonderful years, she decided to make a final bow, take a step back and allow the velvet curtain to drop. No doubt, she’s tap dancing through the streets of Heaven, into the Forever. At least, that’s the image we’ve decided to embrace when […]