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“I didn’t know you were such a ham.” Cheryl shared that brief comment with me on the phone, just after watching the video I had made called “Wood Worms.” Since we were working remotely during the month of June, there was a bit more independent action on my part, so I admit that both the […]

There are some people in this world who are absolutely unforgettable. Even if the encounter is brief, the experience becomes indelibly etched in memory. Perhaps you meet someone with a big and charismatic personality. Maybe their line of work has a memorable quality as well. And then there are those who combine the two. Dario […]

Scott just left this morning after a wonderful and magical visit. We did many things together, engaging with the Tuscan countryside and people, but also found time to relax and simply breath deeply amid the birds and breezes. The time went fast and we were sad to see it come to an end . . […]