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What does it mean to become a grandparent? Hmm. Could be a question for the Magic 8 Ball. We don’t remember being asked if we wanted to be grandparents, nor did we ever try to influence the process with pressure or even subtle hints. For us, our children have always been gifts of a lifetime. […]

When we know someone so well and have many different shared experiences, life is rich beyond our wildest expectations. This song reflects our own thoughts as we have looked forward to a reunion, whether after a long absence or just a few days. The feelings of anticipation are always the same. The level of excitement […]

One might call an abandoned house a haunted ruins, but we like to think of it as a container, filled with stories just waiting to be told and retold—built and rebuilt—lived and relived. While walking the woods and back-roads of Tuscany, it is inevitabile that you’ll come across at least one unexpected hidden gem. The […]

Years ago, Cheryl wrote a children’s story called “The Big Green Chair.” It’s the story of a typical afternoon for her, as frequently she spent time alone after kindergarten. Upon rereading it, she discovered that it was not just for children, but also for adults. She made the best out of what could be considered […]

Our friends spent the night at our place prior to our early departure for a little road trip. That morning, Em came downstairs to find Gary reading in the living room chair. As Em went to fix his breakfast, Gary got up excitedly and started telling about this dream he had that night, where he […]

After reading “From Ego to Essence” by Barbara Marx Hubbard, we were inspired to resume our morning journal ritual again. This time, however, we decided to follow her recommended format, engaging in conversation with the “Higher Self”, or as she says, the “Essential Self.” That journaling caused us to consider the “Essence” that is always […]

This song was written at a time when we had just started the web site for Uncommon Promise, and were trying our best to finish the details and get it “up and running,” as we had imagined for so long. What was of utmost importance to us was to get our work “out into the […]

This story began with conversations with our friends about what they felt a “legacy” really was. It was all very interesting to us as we felt strongly that our greatest legacy was not in material or positional power, but rather in the memories created throughout a lifetime of caring and loving. We were thinking about […]

We were visiting Aaron in Boston, where he lived on the little island of Nahant just off the coast. The island was picturesque and piqued our interest and imagination. It was Memorial Day weekend and the place was buzzing with festivities. We walked around the neighborhoods, along the rocky water’s edge, and found a dusty […]

Em’s dad was suffering from another breathing emergency. Conversations with the doctor indicated that his condition was much more serious than we thought. We were shocked as the doctor casually mentioned lung disease and Harry’s short time remaining. We all gathered around to discus some sobering decisions to make about his life, yet Rose, Em’s […]