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We began our journey in 1998 and continue to this day with over 20 years of change and growth, both individually and as partners. With each passing year, our commitment to this adventure in relationship becomes even stronger. The ongoing notation of the many twists and turns is extremely important to us for several reasons: […]

Cheryl’s folks had each suffered bouts with cancer. Pretty serious business. Those incidents nudged us to talk about the unique ways in which they had loved each other over the years. They stayed together no matter what was happening in their lives. The way they expressed their love was quiet and simple. It’s just the […]

We were having a typical farewell dinner with friends who were heading back to the States. After several hours, Em expressed his frustrations about all of the wealth in the world, high salaries, time spent on seemingly wasteful and meaningless things—and at the same time, we had committed a life (8 years and counting) to […]

One morning in California we were on our walk to Montalvo when we crossed paths with Fred, a friendly character who lives just down the hill from the villa. Wearing his wooly sock cap, he was walking his dog. Within a few minutes of conversation he said that he and his wife were trying to […]

Traveling to Italy twice each year has been part of the plan we put in place some years ago. Determined to create “enchantment” in a European studio was part of our dream. We made the commitment and then followed through, however, the reality of the process is often something altogether different than the dream. It […]

We remember our friends talking a lot about the many projects they had underway, and how they would have to cut their Italy visit short to jet off to here or there in service to their clients. They loved their work as they often repeated, and were very good at what they did—which is often […]

This story began with conversations with our friends about what they felt a “legacy” really was. It was all very interesting to us as we felt strongly that our greatest legacy was not in material or positional power, but rather in the memories created throughout a lifetime of caring and loving. We were thinking about […]

After Em’s dad died, we watched with great concern as Rose struggled to resume her life. So much of what she had lived for was gone, and she seemed to be in a state of limbo, wondering how she could ever continue. About then, she began talking with Harold, an old friend. He had read […]

Out of the Block is about breaking out of social molds and constraints. We felt as though we were sculpting new lives for ourselves and wanted to capture the joy of creativity, the tireless commitment, and the surprises that result from such dedication. Perhaps our creation was something that might only be appreciated years into […]

Em had recently announced his retirement, but still had obligations. One commitment was a business meeting in Ireland. We decided to make it our last fling, little side excursion of our own to Dublin. While staying in some amazing historic manor homes and castles, we were truly inspired. Em wrote the music, created to reflect […]