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While reading “No Boundary” by Ken Wilbur, and the book,“Androgeny” we became very interested in the concept of breaking down barriers to become more whole and integrated. Those ideas seemed to be foundational and critically important to our journey and new partnership. In particular, Emerson was working on dismantling the “ego” and integrating masculine and […]

Em’s mom said, “I have something I want to say to you.” She began, “I want to tell you about my dream about the future.” She said that she wants us to live in her house when she is gone. Em thought about it for a moment and thanked her for sharing it with him. […]

We hit a snag. It was an ordinary evening—or so we thought—when the dinner discussion morphed into a mild debate, which then turned into a significant disagreement, just before the fight broke out. Now, it seems to have been a strange topic that neither of us really remembers at this point. We do, however, recall […]

“Check that latest draft message and send it on if you’re ready!” Morning voices bounce through the hard-surface stairwell with collaborative news. We each sit in front of our own computers on different floors typing away. We are once again reminded how connected this life has become. Most of our e-mails are signed “c and […]