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Although off the Texas coast, Hurricane Ike created 80 mile/hour winds in Ohio. The storm took out the power for tens of thousands of residents. Cheryl’s brother was among those who were sitting mostly in the dark. At that same time, we were only a month from the US presidential election, and we wondered about […]

Traveling to Italy twice each year has been part of the plan we put in place some years ago. Determined to create “enchantment” in a European studio was part of our dream. We made the commitment and then followed through, however, the reality of the process is often something altogether different than the dream. It […]

Cheryl attended a week long seminar on Synchronicity: the Bridge Between Matter and Man in Pari Italy, convened by world-renowned physicist/author/lecturer David Peat. He moved his family from England to the small hill town of Pari to start a center for creativity and learning. Much of David’s life has been devoted to the study of […]

This song was written at a time when we had just started the web site for Uncommon Promise, and were trying our best to finish the details and get it “up and running,” as we had imagined for so long. What was of utmost importance to us was to get our work “out into the […]

Election year, 2004. We had voted using absentee ballots before we left California. Later, we heard that the absentee ballots were not going to be counted, due to some technicality. So we called the American Consulate in Florence and voted again, because we felt it was that important to be counted. We felt like Americans […]

We’ve had about a million late night talks with our friend Zia. They’ve been lively conversations that could digress, spin out of control, or get over embellished—taking the three of us just about anywhere. We talked about whatever came to mind, as though we really had “information” to share. One night, Em started a conversation […]

Legends are made of high drama. Some have a smattering of gruesome details. We find both in the story of Santa Lucia (Saint Lucy). As the patron saint of Sicily’s ancient city of Syracuse, Santa Lucia’s image is scattered around the city. We didn’t think much of it until we spotted the strangest delicacy in a […]

One empty bench beckoned us from across the park. We had been hiking a bit, so we were ready to sit down and relax for a few minutes. All the other benches were occupied, so we felt lucky to find the last available seat in the “house.” As we approached the bench, Em said, “Oh, […]

Belonging is really important to us, although we’ve never been joiners in any traditional sense. We never had a desire to be Italian, even though we joke about our quest to become “true Italians.” That, of course, could never happen. Nor do we intend to become naturalized citizens even though we could. However, what we’ve […]