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How to begin again? What about the kids? What about the dogs? What about the house? What about the money? What about our parents? What about our friends? Would we ever want to return to our jobs again if things didn’t work out? What if the two of us couldn’t find common ground that was […]

Our daughter and her husband were expecting a baby—our first grandchild. We were full of wonder and awe as the process unfolded. Even though we had experienced the process of birth twice in our own lives, we found ourselves seeing everything from a much different perspective this time around. We were struck by the complexity, […]

Soaring and diving along the tracks of the 20-year old rollercoaster, my friends and I honed our courage, risk-taking spirit, and love of adventure. The roller coaster gave us an early zest for the freedom that comes by exploring personal edges. We encouraged each other, gathering strength from shared experience. Note: You may also be […]

The pilgrim’s walk called “Saint-Jaques-de-Compostelle,” begins in the beautiful French town of le Puy en Valey. Ancient vignettes are around every corner. This video is a short sampling of the mood and feel of the place. Perhaps just enough to encourage you to stop by on your way to a long and inspirational walk. Note: […]

We had reached a place in our lives together where we felt as though we had fallen asleep—dozed off. Our lives had slowly drifted into someone else’s dream and no longer reflected who we were, or who we wanted to become. We needed to make a significant change before it was too late. We packed […]

Ah, good intentions! Oh, the excuses! Haven’t we all encountered situations where someone expects to be catered to? Haven’t we all been in circumstances where one demanding person takes center stage and just thinks everyone else will fall into line? Well, entitlement doesn’t work for us. In one particular incident, we decided to speak up […]

We invited some friends of a friend to our home for some time in the country. The two were delightful and very interesting as we talked away the afternoon. Following their visit, we talked during our walk about how people drift into our life from seemingly, out of nowhere. We wrote this song about the […]

This song was written as a first anniversary gift for Em’s mom, Rose and her husband Harold. We were inspired by their marriage at the respective ages of 80 and 83. It was a wonderful model of risk-taking and we were excited for them as they embarked on their new adventure together. We hope to […]

After Em’s dad died, we watched with great concern as Rose struggled to resume her life. So much of what she had lived for was gone, and she seemed to be in a state of limbo, wondering how she could ever continue. About then, she began talking with Harold, an old friend. He had read […]