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We took a day trip to Bologna to see an art exhibit by the famous 20th century Dutch artist, M. C. Escher. We were fully engaged by the whimsy and mystery of his work. One lithograph that put us into an especially reflective mood and conversation is called Hand with Reflecting Sphere, or sometimes known […]

We are dreamers. By our very nature, as humans, we imagine a future and then begin taking actions to turn it into reality. It’s the very essence of our creativity—our life. That generative process is happening beneath every action we take. One of the most sacred acts is to create relationship—deep, abiding connection with another […]

It all started with a cup of coffee. During casual conversation, a trusted friend mentioned a great place at Liberty Station in San Diego called “Moniker General.” They said that it’s the best coffee in the city! In addition, they also sell surfboards, and stuff like that—which explains the “general,” as in general store? As […]

In 1999 Emerson went on a solitary pilgrimage to Barcelona, Spain, in search of inspiration, and his lost sense of adventure and creativity. The routines of work had taken their toll over the years. Both he and Cheryl had gone to Barcelona some 40 years earlier, triggering new insights and life changes. The magical architecture […]

Years ago, Cheryl wrote a children’s story called “The Big Green Chair.” It’s the story of a typical afternoon for her, as frequently she spent time alone after kindergarten. Upon rereading it, she discovered that it was not just for children, but also for adults. She made the best out of what could be considered […]

Emerson had been struggling with bouts of depression, off and on for the past 10 years, but much more in the recent months. Rather than having a few down days every month, it turned into only a couple of days between the down times. He clearly needed help! Dr. Mark Ritchie conducted a thorough evaluation. […]

We invited some friends of a friend to our home for some time in the country. The two were delightful and very interesting as we talked away the afternoon. Following their visit, we talked during our walk about how people drift into our life from seemingly, out of nowhere. We wrote this song about the […]

Cheryl attended a week long seminar on Synchronicity: the Bridge Between Matter and Man in Pari Italy, convened by world-renowned physicist/author/lecturer David Peat. He moved his family from England to the small hill town of Pari to start a center for creativity and learning. Much of David’s life has been devoted to the study of […]

Out of the Block is about breaking out of social molds and constraints. We felt as though we were sculpting new lives for ourselves and wanted to capture the joy of creativity, the tireless commitment, and the surprises that result from such dedication. Perhaps our creation was something that might only be appreciated years into […]

Through journaling and conversation Emerson decided to go on a pilgrimage in search of his lost “creative self.” His free-wheeling imaginative side he called “Emerson,” while his business persona, he thought of as “Dale.” As Emerson, he felt young, alive and energetic. So he decided to follow his intuition and return to the time and […]