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One afternoon, we were taking plant clippings to the local disposal site, and found 7 kittens, no more than one week old, hiding around the bags of leaves and lost in the nearby woods. They were easy to find because of their desperate cries—save me, take me in! That little discovery set us on a […]

We all leave something behind. Sometimes we notice something missing when we return from a trip. Or we intentionally leave something behind, so that it will be there when we return to that place. And sometimes we leave traces behind, just in the wake of living our lives. The idea is similar to leaving a […]

To make a clean break from our previous lifestyle, we began reading a number of books about intuition and life lived in the spiritual realm. Conversations with our friend Zia were also leading us further into that way of thinking/being. We felt like we had become so ingrained in the monotonous realities of work life, […]

We intentionally wrote this as the last song of our decade of music we called “Uncommon Promise.” It tied together the idea of our first song, “Never Sleep.” With that song, we referred to falling asleep in someone else’s story. Then we discovered that it was also possible to figuratively fall asleep in our own […]

We’re currently living at the bottom of a steep cliff in Lyon, France. Behind us is a sheer wall of rock about 170 feet, or 52 meters high. It comes crashing almost directly down from the area above with a gentle horizontal slope at the bottom directly into the Saône River.

One of our favorite morning walks in California takes us through the gardens of the beautiful Villa Montalvo Center for the Arts. You never know what you might find around each wooded turn because they’re constantly changing the outdoor sculptures, providing that element of surprise. One day we found an artist constructing a fairly large […]

Making a commitment to someone you love may seem easy. No big deal. But, as we all know, living out that commitment is something else entirely. Here’s a brief sketch of our trail of ad hoc commitments—some of it may sound familiar, particular, or perhaps even peculiar.