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As we went back through the previous 10-plus years of books, journal writings, and reflected on things we had done or said, it became clear that our direction had already been set. To our surprise, we had already described our personal dissatisfaction in great detail. Everything existed in meticulous notes we had written either consciously […]

How to begin again? What about the kids? What about the dogs? What about the house? What about the money? What about our parents? What about our friends? Would we ever want to return to our jobs again if things didn’t work out? What if the two of us couldn’t find common ground that was […]

This song was begun long before we started writing music together. It was written out of the grief that we both felt as Iris prepared to leave for her freshman year at Boulder-1998/99. Two years earlier Aaron had gone to Boston, but we had Iris there to buffer that loss. When she left, we were […]