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Em’s mom said, “I have something I want to say to you.” She began, “I want to tell you about my dream about the future.” She said that she wants us to live in her house when she is gone. Em thought about it for a moment and thanked her for sharing it with him. […]

After our first grandchild was born, our daughter called to ask if we were going to write a lullaby for her little 3 month-old daughter, Rosie June. She reminded us that we wrote and sang a song for her when she was young, and therefore, little Rosie should have one as well that we could […]

When we know someone so well and have many different shared experiences, life is rich beyond our wildest expectations. This song reflects our own thoughts as we have looked forward to a reunion, whether after a long absence or just a few days. The feelings of anticipation are always the same. The level of excitement […]

Our daughter and her husband were expecting a baby—our first grandchild. We were full of wonder and awe as the process unfolded. Even though we had experienced the process of birth twice in our own lives, we found ourselves seeing everything from a much different perspective this time around. We were struck by the complexity, […]

One might call an abandoned house a haunted ruins, but we like to think of it as a container, filled with stories just waiting to be told and retold—built and rebuilt—lived and relived. While walking the woods and back-roads of Tuscany, it is inevitabile that you’ll come across at least one unexpected hidden gem. The […]

It all started with a cup of coffee. During casual conversation, a trusted friend mentioned a great place at Liberty Station in San Diego called “Moniker General.” They said that it’s the best coffee in the city! In addition, they also sell surfboards, and stuff like that—which explains the “general,” as in general store? As […]

We had reached a place in our lives together where we felt as though we had fallen asleep—dozed off. Our lives had slowly drifted into someone else’s dream and no longer reflected who we were, or who we wanted to become. We needed to make a significant change before it was too late. We packed […]

Our routine evening at the Odeon Theater in Florence, turned out to be the world premiere of Spike Lee’s movie “Miracle at Santa Anna.” Spike was there along with all of the cast members. Quite an event! A few days later, we went to the small town of Santa Anna, where the Nazi massacre had […]

On a trip to Scotland, our friend wanted to drive up to Skye to see the area where his ancestors came from. The journey would have been several hours into the Highlands. Concerned about foggy weather and driving the narrow roads (on the left side), Emerson questioned the advisability of such a trip. The night […]

In the winter of 2008, we went to see our friend Zia as she was very busy getting ready for Christmas. Following our visit, we talked about the many huge projects she creates—to the point of being overworked and worn out with deadlines. Our conversation turned to that inner child that seems to always be […]