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Cheryl started a blog back in the early days that was intended to give her own personal view of life in Tuscany—insider commentary on the events of every day. It turned out to be quite entertaining for us, and ultimately became part of that early process of documenting our adventure. Some 15 years later, we […]

When we know someone so well and have many different shared experiences, life is rich beyond our wildest expectations. This song reflects our own thoughts as we have looked forward to a reunion, whether after a long absence or just a few days. The feelings of anticipation are always the same. The level of excitement […]

We began our journey in 1998 and continue to this day with over 20 years of change and growth, both individually and as partners. With each passing year, our commitment to this adventure in relationship becomes even stronger. The ongoing notation of the many twists and turns is extremely important to us for several reasons: […]

It all started with a cup of coffee. During casual conversation, a trusted friend mentioned a great place at Liberty Station in San Diego called “Moniker General.” They said that it’s the best coffee in the city! In addition, they also sell surfboards, and stuff like that—which explains the “general,” as in general store? As […]

Cheryl was in the Midwest for her usual summer visit, while Em stayed in Italy. One morning he discovered caterpillars on the cherry plum tree outside the bedroom window. That observation spawned an entire movie-making project. Well, one thing led to another. Finally Em called Cheryl to request that she send him the words for […]

We were reading a number of books about consciousness, among them were several by Ken Wilbur: “Boomeritis,” and “A Brief History of Everything,” as well as another book called “What Really Matters.” We also read (after having seen the movie) “What the Bleep Do We Know,” which led us to discover “Ramtha: the White Book.” […]

We were invited along for a week on the island of Elba with Roberta Lapucci and her Conservation Class from SACI. As conservationists, we were asked to set up a new archeology laboratory. Ancient relics had recently been retrieved from the sea. We all worked hard on our volunteer week and enjoyed every minute of […]

It was nothing more than an old, falling down barn and a few stone walls of a house. On the front wall, facing the valley, there remained a solitary stone-framed window. In the lower area, old brick arches were completely overgrown with weeds and vines. From the moment we first discovered those Tuscan ruins, we […]

High in the Appenine mountains of Tuscany, in the middle of a dense forest of fir and beech trees, rests the majestic  Benedictine Monastery of Vallombrosa, founded in 1038. It is a magical tribute to the power of spirit to move mankind. After many changes over the centuries, it remains to this day as a […]

Ferruccio Lamborghini decided to create super sports cars to compete with Ferrari, which already had a 16 year head-start—an almost impossible challenge. He was 47 years old at the time, and already a famous Italian entrepreneur. People thought he was crazy to risk his fortune to build specialty cars that were clearly an unjustifiable extravagance. […]