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We love hiking the Tuscan “anelli” (rings). We typically drive to a trail head, hike the route and return to our starting point. Each anello is unique. The one to Nipozzano Castle was exceptional! If you like castles, wine, beautiful Tuscan scenery, we suggest you visit the site called Sentieri di Toscana (Tuscan Trails). The […]

We set out on a Friday morning in search of some simple, older halogen light fixtures. The task seemed straightforward enough. But we soon discovered that our little errand morphed into a scavenger hunt. One store led to another and then another and so on. The fixtures we needed weren’t readily available anymore. From big […]

It all started with a cup of coffee. During casual conversation, a trusted friend mentioned a great place at Liberty Station in San Diego called “Moniker General.” They said that it’s the best coffee in the city! In addition, they also sell surfboards, and stuff like that—which explains the “general,” as in general store? As […]

We hope you enjoy this personal video invitation to join us June 2011 in Tuscany for the retreat, “Rediscovering the Fire of Everyday Life” presented by Dr. R. Scott Colglazier. Note: You may also be interested in other stories/videos like “Video Invitation—In Touch In Tuscany,” “Rediscovering the Fire of Everyday Life,” and other stories about […]

We hope you enjoy this silly romp with Marcy Cheerleader-Fingers. Her perpetual smile and fluffy pom-poms are sure to brighten your day. Yay Matadors! Let’s get cheered up!

Over the millenia, civilizations have come and gone, but Civita di Bagnoregio in Lazio, Italy has remained relatively unchanged. Designed in the local vernacular and combined with incredible natural beauty to create an unforgetable experience for both the residents and visitors alike. Then, tragedy struck. Overwhelming disaster was met with perserverence and hope to forge […]

One afternoon, we were taking plant clippings to the local disposal site, and found 7 kittens, no more than one week old, hiding around the bags of leaves and lost in the nearby woods. They were easy to find because of their desperate cries—save me, take me in! That little discovery set us on a […]

Italy, April 2013, we arrived with our little dachshund Izzi-B—with us for the first time. The trans-Atlantic flight was uneventful and she adjusted quickly to Italian life. We take her everywhere with us, carrying her in the special doggy sling-pouch. She goes to the coffee bar, grocery, movies, restaurants—you name it (except museums). We found […]

Our trip to France included an encore visit to the chapel at Ronchamp, Monet’s Garden, and Vincent Van Gogh’s home/burial site at Auvers-sur-Oise. We really enjoyed the revisit after 10 years. The trip offered an opportunity to better understand what has changed within each of us—both the encouraging and discouraging aspects, including the a few […]

Cheryl characterized Em’s moodiness as a “short in the wire” and he is suddenly out of commission. His unpredictability had essentially shut down all our collaboration. Cheryl finally admitted to him that she really missed writing lyrics and that it was an important part of her personal self-expression. That was big news for Em because […]