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After our first grandchild was born, our daughter called to ask if we were going to write a lullaby for her little 3 month-old daughter, Rosie June. She reminded us that we wrote and sang a song for her when she was young, and therefore, little Rosie should have one as well that we could […]

Everything is about relationships. Some are given to us without our asking, like siblings, genetics and place of birth, while many are freely chosen. However, no matter what the relationships are, whether given or chosen, we can always change them—strengthen, weaken, destroy or ignore—the options are endless. Our lives are full to overflowing with decisions […]

We took a day trip to Bologna to see an art exhibit by the famous 20th century Dutch artist, M. C. Escher. We were fully engaged by the whimsy and mystery of his work. One lithograph that put us into an especially reflective mood and conversation is called Hand with Reflecting Sphere, or sometimes known […]

There’s a place in Italy called Pretena. We’ve been fortunate to have lived there for more than a decade now. We were drawn to the spiritual quality of that spot overlooking the Italian countryside and valley below, dotted with ancient castles, villas, farmhouses, vineyards and countless olive groves. Mostly, we enjoy the rolling meadows surrounding […]

When we know someone so well and have many different shared experiences, life is rich beyond our wildest expectations. This song reflects our own thoughts as we have looked forward to a reunion, whether after a long absence or just a few days. The feelings of anticipation are always the same. The level of excitement […]

Do you remember the first time you met the person you would commit yourself to unconditionally? Of course you do. Those are among the unforgettable moments of a lifetime that can change us forever. We remember everything about it—the place, time of day, season, conversation, but most importantly, the feelings. They are unmistakably special, powerful […]

We found ourselves in a very playful conversation about how we interpret everything around us, completely dependent on how we see it—completely our choice. Basically, we ended up conceding that there is really no such thing as a shared reality. We can do everything possible to communicate with someone, but in the end, we can […]

We are dreamers. By our very nature, as humans, we imagine a future and then begin taking actions to turn it into reality. It’s the very essence of our creativity—our life. That generative process is happening beneath every action we take. One of the most sacred acts is to create relationship—deep, abiding connection with another […]

We were reflecting and talking about how our lives have changed, and how much we have each grown personally along the way. When we were younger, we were much more entangled with everything external. Who we were was more relative and less absolute. It was easy to get caught-up in striving, rewards and competition. We […]

Our daughter and her husband were expecting a baby—our first grandchild. We were full of wonder and awe as the process unfolded. Even though we had experienced the process of birth twice in our own lives, we found ourselves seeing everything from a much different perspective this time around. We were struck by the complexity, […]