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Cheryl and Emerson talk about the inspiration that led to writing the song “Main Street.” Note: You might also be interested in the song/story called “Main Street” which goes with the video.

The pilgrim’s walk called “Saint-Jaques-de-Compostelle,” begins in the beautiful French town of le Puy en Valey. Ancient vignettes are around every corner. This video is a short sampling of the mood and feel of the place. Perhaps just enough to encourage you to stop by on your way to a long and inspirational walk. Note: […]

In 1999 Emerson went on a solitary pilgrimage to Barcelona, Spain, in search of inspiration, and his lost sense of adventure and creativity. The routines of work had taken their toll over the years. Both he and Cheryl had gone to Barcelona some 40 years earlier, triggering new insights and life changes. The magical architecture […]

Join us on a leisurely walk through Claude Monet’s Garden in Giverny, France. It was an important part of the inspiration on our journey to create a different relationship with new direction. Monet changed our world, and still impacts people’s lives in amazing ways to this day. Note: You may also be interested in our […]

Niki de Saint Phalle created the most amazing context for imagination and mystery. Her Tarot Garden in southern Tuscany became a touchstone for us as we searched out inspirational places while on our journey of the heart. Join us on a walk through her incredible wooded wonderland.

Just after we returned from our walk of St. Francis in Umbria, our friend Scott came for a visit. We were at the end of our sabbatical time, about to decide what the future would hold—considering whether or not we would write anymore music. Then, one morning, Em went out to the studio and wrote […]

We wrote this song just before the beginning of the 2011 retreat in Tuscany, about the layering of many personalities and histories together into one event. The diversity adds a special magic to the gathering. We likened it to looking out over the Tuscan hills and valleys, where we could see the different colored layers […]

The movie, Elegy (a song written for someone who has died), was playing at the Odeon Theater in Florence. We decided to go. Consuela (Penelope Cruz) said to David (Ben Kingsley) that “what she missed the most in their relationship were the things they never did.” Early the next morning, we completed the music, lyrics, […]

Iris planned a trip to the east coast to visit some friends in New York and on her way, she decided to visit with her brother, Aaron for a few days. We couldn’t believe our ears! Since we moved to California, the two of them had been growing further and further apart. We awaited the […]

This was our very first “commissioned” piece of music. Em’s sister, Sue and her business partner, Doug had just opened a theater in Nashville, Indiana. Sue called to ask if we would consider writing the title song for their first original play, “The Higher the Hair.” We debated whether or not to do it, but […]