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Ah, good intentions! Oh, the excuses! Haven’t we all encountered situations where someone expects to be catered to? Haven’t we all been in circumstances where one demanding person takes center stage and just thinks everyone else will fall into line? Well, entitlement doesn’t work for us. In one particular incident, we decided to speak up […]

One might call an abandoned house a haunted ruins, but we like to think of it as a container, filled with stories just waiting to be told and retold—built and rebuilt—lived and relived. While walking the woods and back-roads of Tuscany, it is inevitabile that you’ll come across at least one unexpected hidden gem. The […]

We love hiking the Tuscan “anelli” (rings). We typically drive to a trail head, hike the route and return to our starting point. Each anello is unique. The one to Nipozzano Castle was exceptional! If you like castles, wine, beautiful Tuscan scenery, we suggest you visit the site called Sentieri di Toscana (Tuscan Trails). The […]

We make promises, or at least suggestions about things we intend to do. Yet often, we never quite get around to it. Life is often complicated. There are usually strings attached and we don’t even know it at the time—hidden agendas, unforeseen situations and ever changing shifts in priorities. Life is a moving target. Unfortunately, […]

We all leave something behind. Sometimes we notice something missing when we return from a trip. Or we intentionally leave something behind, so that it will be there when we return to that place. And sometimes we leave traces behind, just in the wake of living our lives. The idea is similar to leaving a […]

While reflecting on the changes in our life, we noted the many course-corrections that have happened when we interacted with someone else along the way—as if we had intentionally met one another at an important intersection of life. The encounters invariably shift our perspectives, which then nudge us down a slightly different path. The people […]

Our friends spent the night at our place prior to our early departure for a little road trip. That morning, Em came downstairs to find Gary reading in the living room chair. As Em went to fix his breakfast, Gary got up excitedly and started telling about this dream he had that night, where he […]

Traveling to Italy twice each year has been part of the plan we put in place some years ago. Determined to create “enchantment” in a European studio was part of our dream. We made the commitment and then followed through, however, the reality of the process is often something altogether different than the dream. It […]

This song was written at a time when we had literally spent 7 years waiting on one thing or another. We only wanted to get on with our life. (In retrospect—that was our life.) We seemed to be perpetually stuck in a waiting room of one sort or another, and this song was our effort […]

Election year, 2004. We had voted using absentee ballots before we left California. Later, we heard that the absentee ballots were not going to be counted, due to some technicality. So we called the American Consulate in Florence and voted again, because we felt it was that important to be counted. We felt like Americans […]