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As we went back through the previous 10-plus years of books, journal writings, and reflected on things we had done or said, it became clear that our direction had already been set. To our surprise, we had already described our personal dissatisfaction in great detail. Everything existed in meticulous notes we had written either consciously […]

Em’s father’s health had been failing for some time, but by the fall of 2001 he seemed more stable. In light of his improvements, we prepared for our routine trip back to Italy. When we left the US, Harry was out of the hospital. He had been given an oxygen tank, but was mobile and […]

We were in the midst of conversations with friends about how relationships can fall apart as a result of simple dishonesty—not telling the truth! We talked about how the truth is really never as bad as the silence, or the suspicion, or the lies to cover up what’s actually going on (and already known in […]

We began our journey with every intention of setting the world on fire with our vision and energy, only to find that things didn’t materialize as we’d imagined. There were many disappointments that resulted in Emerson spiraling into despair. Around the second or third year of our adventure, we noticed a pattern of behavior emerging. […]

We intentionally wrote this as the last song of our decade of music we called “Uncommon Promise.” It tied together the idea of our first song, “Never Sleep.” With that song, we referred to falling asleep in someone else’s story. Then we discovered that it was also possible to figuratively fall asleep in our own […]

Photos, Stories and Lyrics Hungry Again       Little Things             Caterpillar Blues          Timepieces                  Retraced Steps Wrinkles                Leave Behind          Secret Passages            Fires of Passion          Good Intentions This CD is a continuation on the theme of “ceaseless change” that we wrote about in our book “Time to Partner,” so many years ago. Some things never change. In honor […]

This music represents our first attempt at using other instrumental sounds in addition to the guitars. The intention was to take our original music, which was created as musical stories for vocals, and render them strictly as instrumentals to use as soft background music for candlelight dinners. The process opened up a new range of […]

“If you get pure beauty, you get about the best thing God has to give.” The quote is attributed to an anonymous artist long ago, cited by the British writer, Charles Latham in his 1905 book, The Gardens of Italy. The sentiment sums up the intention of the Italian villa—pure beauty! And Villa Gamberaia, set […]