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We observed that people have very different ways to communicate. For us, time together meant conversation together. Ultimately when you spend a certain quantity of time, quality is a natural outcome. We found that our most “intimate” moments were in conversation. So we decided to write a song about making love—but not in the traditional, […]

Whenever someone says, “Would you like to see the villa?” say yes! First of all, let me clarify. The term villa has been used and abused in recent years as people have tried to attach romantic charm and elegance to contemporary houses. Well, don’t let them fool you. Even the largest and most expensive re-creations […]

Drawings, Stories and Lyrics After All                            Secret Pocket                Inherit                     Changing Ways             Thief Only Miles Away             Narrow Ledge               Big Green Chair              Play              Stone by Stone After All tells a simple story of two ordinary people who have chosen to live in a committed relationship together. The merging of two lives is defined through shared experiences, […]

Drawings, Stories and Lyrics Settle Down           Lost In Thought          Something More           Ordinary Days              Loophole Waiting Room       Once In a While          Still Water                       Homecoming                A Piedi Settle Down is about creating “Global Intimacy,” continuing our story of growth and change as partners. Through this music, we explore the challenges we have faced in offering […]

Drawings, Stories and Lyrics The Way to Love        Offerings          Where the Iris Blooms        My Cottage               Circle of Trust Heartland           In the Meantime             Yesterday Me                Eye Witness              Winter’s End Legacy The Way To Love is about “Creating Intimacy” and continues the story of our growth and change as partners. Through this music we […]