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The ancient proverb “Seeing is believing” has been around since 1639, and means that only tangible evidence is truly convincing. However, living in Italy has shown us that just the opposite can also be true—”believing is seeing.” Thus begins a short tale about a window. We live in an old Italian farmhouse in the hills […]

As we anticipated hosting a spiritual retreat in Italy, we talked about the list of attendees. It was a diverse group of people with varied backgrounds, from different walks of life and all ages. But regardless of the origin, everyone brings his/her own form of “fire” to such an event. Each is passionate about totally […]

A couple we knew separated. Their relationship had devolved into territories and lines drawn. She wanted resolution. He wanted things his way. In fact, he was quite willing to be unhappy in being “right.” How many times do we make the claim that “Mine” is the one and only way to see things? Even though […]

The nice thing about living in Tuscany is that people visit, and we love that. However, the best treat of all is when our own kids, Iris and Aaron come over. Those are really quality times together, and ones that we look forward to each year. After they leave, we always reflect on our time […]

We were in Italy while Iris was in California, graciously taking care of the house and dogs. One night we received a distress call from Iris, telling us that the huge old oak tree in the back yard had collapsed in a bad storm. We were sad to imagine the loss of our beloved tree […]

This song was written about the precarious nature of life. Following Paola’s death, we saw that Pietro’s life lost meaning. Everything they built together tumbled around him. Without her, he had to rebuild another life. But could he? Did he have the desire? We used the metaphor of the house of cards because it seemed […]

This song was written as our gift for Pietro after Paola passed away. She died in late summer, before we returned to Italy so we didn’t have the chance to say good-bye. So we decided to say our farewell with music. We had the lyrics translated into Italian. During a phone call with the translator, […]

Our good friend Pietro lost his dear wife Paola. We were all shocked and saddened. We lived in the same building in the little town of Fiesole just outside of Florence. They were extremely important to us, as the helped us adjust to Italian life and kept us from getting into too much trouble. We […]

We felt like perpetual searchers, going from one field to another, collecting experiences and learning along the way. As long as we could remember, we were driven, always striving after one thing or another. Perhaps it was simply a natural expression of being young and adventurous—we didn’t know. In any case, we found ourselves moving […]

This song was begun long before we started writing music together. It was written out of the grief that we both felt as Iris prepared to leave for her freshman year at Boulder-1998/99. Two years earlier Aaron had gone to Boston, but we had Iris there to buffer that loss. When she left, we were […]