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Everything is about relationships. Some are given to us without our asking, like siblings, genetics and place of birth, while many are freely chosen. However, no matter what the relationships are, whether given or chosen, we can always change them—strengthen, weaken, destroy or ignore—the options are endless. Our lives are full to overflowing with decisions […]

When we know someone so well and have many different shared experiences, life is rich beyond our wildest expectations. This song reflects our own thoughts as we have looked forward to a reunion, whether after a long absence or just a few days. The feelings of anticipation are always the same. The level of excitement […]

Do you remember the first time you met the person you would commit yourself to unconditionally? Of course you do. Those are among the unforgettable moments of a lifetime that can change us forever. We remember everything about it—the place, time of day, season, conversation, but most importantly, the feelings. They are unmistakably special, powerful […]

In 1999 Emerson went on a solitary pilgrimage to Barcelona, Spain, in search of inspiration, and his lost sense of adventure and creativity. The routines of work had taken their toll over the years. Both he and Cheryl had gone to Barcelona some 40 years earlier, triggering new insights and life changes. The magical architecture […]

We all leave something behind. Sometimes we notice something missing when we return from a trip. Or we intentionally leave something behind, so that it will be there when we return to that place. And sometimes we leave traces behind, just in the wake of living our lives. The idea is similar to leaving a […]

Cheryl was in the Midwest for her usual summer visit, while Em stayed in Italy. One morning he discovered caterpillars on the cherry plum tree outside the bedroom window. That observation spawned an entire movie-making project. Well, one thing led to another. Finally Em called Cheryl to request that she send him the words for […]

Em was still having a great deal of trouble with depression. He’d apparently become resistant to his medication and was experiencing more mood swings over shorter and shorter periods of time. As a result, he was expressing a lot of negativity and wanted to stop all of our work. He even suggested that we abandon […]

We wrote this song just before the beginning of the 2011 retreat in Tuscany, about the layering of many personalities and histories together into one event. The diversity adds a special magic to the gathering. We likened it to looking out over the Tuscan hills and valleys, where we could see the different colored layers […]

Years ago, Cheryl wrote a children’s story called “The Big Green Chair.” It’s the story of a typical afternoon for her, as frequently she spent time alone after kindergarten. Upon rereading it, she discovered that it was not just for children, but also for adults. She made the best out of what could be considered […]

Our friend took a 5-month retreat to write his own story following his departure from work. He had been dissatisfied for many years, and he needed to fight his way back to himself. Finally, for those 5 months, he gave himself the gift of silence, space, and reflection. Our friend spent many lonely evenings away […]