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Friends returned from a sailing excursion, disappointed with the experience. The trip didn’t really meet their hopes and expectations. We all want things to happen the way we plan them. We hold unrealistic expectations that often lead to disappointment and frustration. Our conversations over the next several days reminded us of the ideas presented by […]

“If you get pure beauty, you get about the best thing God has to give.” The quote is attributed to an anonymous artist long ago, cited by the British writer, Charles Latham in his 1905 book, The Gardens of Italy. The sentiment sums up the intention of the Italian villa—pure beauty! And Villa Gamberaia, set […]

Our friend Sergio has a dream tucked beneath layers of rust in a salvage yard. Whenever we need an old unique piece made of iron, we go to see Sergio. He’s been tirelessly collecting everything iron for decades now, and his collection is indeed impressive. He has meticulously gathered everything from enormous iron gates from […]

Early spring in Italy: this year our friend Stefano, an expert in the world of plants and trees, taught me the time-honored art of pruning olive trees. What’s the big deal?, you might ask. Well, actually, we’re talking about the heART of the Tuscan culture, and not just a simple snip, snip, snip, and you’re […]

Here is an all-too-real Italian story that may amuse you. In 1999 (11 years ago), we bought this old farmhouse in Italy along with 3 Italian families—one married couple with two young girls, and two other young-ish bachelors. They are all very nice people and we get along great together. Everyone was excited about building […]