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What does it mean to become a grandparent? Hmm. Could be a question for the Magic 8 Ball. We don’t remember being asked if we wanted to be grandparents, nor did we ever try to influence the process with pressure or even subtle hints. For us, our children have always been gifts of a lifetime. […]

One afternoon, we were taking plant clippings to the local disposal site, and found 7 kittens, no more than one week old, hiding around the bags of leaves and lost in the nearby woods. They were easy to find because of their desperate cries—save me, take me in! That little discovery set us on a […]

Sometimes with tragedy, we are reminded of who we are, or who we want to be, and then put actions around those realizations. We experience a “moment of truth.” Cheryl went to Ohio to help out with her mother Margie, after finding that her condition had turned from serious to terminal. They had celebrated her […]

At an Eckhart Tolle workshop in San Rafael, California, he said that Time is an abstract construction and doesn’t really exist. In fact, he went on to compare Time to a phantom criminal who is never seen, yet we have remaining evidence that something has happened. So we decided to write this song to capture […]

Early spring in Italy: this year our friend Stefano, an expert in the world of plants and trees, taught me the time-honored art of pruning olive trees. What’s the big deal?, you might ask. Well, actually, we’re talking about the heART of the Tuscan culture, and not just a simple snip, snip, snip, and you’re […]