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This video is on the last page of our book “Time to Partner.” After nearly 13 years since we began the personal journey together, and after 5 iterations of the book, we pause to reflect on what it means to us looking back. Note: You may also enjoy the digital version of the book called […]

We are dreamers. By our very nature, as humans, we imagine a future and then begin taking actions to turn it into reality. It’s the very essence of our creativity—our life. That generative process is happening beneath every action we take. One of the most sacred acts is to create relationship—deep, abiding connection with another […]

Our friend took a 5-month retreat to write his own story following his departure from work. He had been dissatisfied for many years, and he needed to fight his way back to himself. Finally, for those 5 months, he gave himself the gift of silence, space, and reflection. Our friend spent many lonely evenings away […]

We were finishing up the new CD, called “Fitting Pieces.” Our friend Zia was at our house with all of her gear to take the cover picture as usual. We decided to make it a shot of the two of us sitting at the table in the sun room, working a jigsaw puzzle. While Zia […]

We thought that perhaps we had created enough “stuff,” and it was time to stop. Something signals an author or painter that the time has come to “finish” a work. Closure is needed. “Fitting Pieces” was that point for us. We wanted to “lay out” all of our accumulated pieces of work, to look more […]

This song is a reflection of the way we saw our life before we decided to make major changes. It’s often easier to see things in retrospect. This is the story of finding ourselves waiting for the day when there will be time, and renewed interest in what the other one does. It seems that […]

Em’s father’s health had been failing for some time, but by the fall of 2001 he seemed more stable. In light of his improvements, we prepared for our routine trip back to Italy. When we left the US, Harry was out of the hospital. He had been given an oxygen tank, but was mobile and […]

Our good friend Pietro lost his dear wife Paola. We were all shocked and saddened. We lived in the same building in the little town of Fiesole just outside of Florence. They were extremely important to us, as the helped us adjust to Italian life and kept us from getting into too much trouble. We […]

After a period of serious work and reflection, we were ready to “lighten up,” to go out and play. The first year was filled with individual redesign and change. We had explored the tough questions about who we were and what we wanted out of our lives. During the early phase, we were very much […]

Em had recently announced his retirement, but still had obligations. One commitment was a business meeting in Ireland. We decided to make it our last fling, little side excursion of our own to Dublin. While staying in some amazing historic manor homes and castles, we were truly inspired. Em wrote the music, created to reflect […]