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Long ago, a young couple lived happily in the Apuane Mountains of Tuscany, between the villages of San Antonio dAlpe and Piglionica. Over the years, their relationship became strained, and finally she met another. With her new love she left the mountains for a different life. Her former lover, unable to live without her, persuaded […]

We had reached a place in our lives together where we felt as though we had fallen asleep—dozed off. Our lives had slowly drifted into someone else’s dream and no longer reflected who we were, or who we wanted to become. We needed to make a significant change before it was too late. We packed […]

Join us on a leisurely walk through Claude Monet’s Garden in Giverny, France. It was an important part of the inspiration on our journey to create a different relationship with new direction. Monet changed our world, and still impacts people’s lives in amazing ways to this day. Note: You may also be interested in our […]

As we anticipated hosting a spiritual retreat in Italy, we talked about the list of attendees. It was a diverse group of people with varied backgrounds, from different walks of life and all ages. But regardless of the origin, everyone brings his/her own form of “fire” to such an event. Each is passionate about totally […]

Cheryl characterized Em’s moodiness as a “short in the wire” and he is suddenly out of commission. His unpredictability had essentially shut down all our collaboration. Cheryl finally admitted to him that she really missed writing lyrics and that it was an important part of her personal self-expression. That was big news for Em because […]

A couple we knew separated. Their relationship had devolved into territories and lines drawn. She wanted resolution. He wanted things his way. In fact, he was quite willing to be unhappy in being “right.” How many times do we make the claim that “Mine” is the one and only way to see things? Even though […]

Em was still having a great deal of trouble with depression. He’d apparently become resistant to his medication and was experiencing more mood swings over shorter and shorter periods of time. As a result, he was expressing a lot of negativity and wanted to stop all of our work. He even suggested that we abandon […]

The movie, Elegy (a song written for someone who has died), was playing at the Odeon Theater in Florence. We decided to go. Consuela (Penelope Cruz) said to David (Ben Kingsley) that “what she missed the most in their relationship were the things they never did.” Early the next morning, we completed the music, lyrics, […]

Iris planned a trip to the east coast to visit some friends in New York and on her way, she decided to visit with her brother, Aaron for a few days. We couldn’t believe our ears! Since we moved to California, the two of them had been growing further and further apart. We awaited the […]

Through a shared interest in poetry, we met a woman in Missouri who lives on a secluded small farm. In one of our friendly exchanges, she sent us a poem she wrote called “Across the Room.” The poem opens with a steamy romance that blooms at a party, with the couple leaving together at the […]