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Soaring and diving along the tracks of the 20-year old rollercoaster, my friends and I honed our courage, risk-taking spirit, and love of adventure. The roller coaster gave us an early zest for the freedom that comes by exploring personal edges. We encouraged each other, gathering strength from shared experience. Note: You may also be […]

Ah, good intentions! Oh, the excuses! Haven’t we all encountered situations where someone expects to be catered to? Haven’t we all been in circumstances where one demanding person takes center stage and just thinks everyone else will fall into line? Well, entitlement doesn’t work for us. In one particular incident, we decided to speak up […]

A couple we knew separated. Their relationship had devolved into territories and lines drawn. She wanted resolution. He wanted things his way. In fact, he was quite willing to be unhappy in being “right.” How many times do we make the claim that “Mine” is the one and only way to see things? Even though […]

In the late 90s we felt an aching need to break free. The feelings were unforgettable and intense. In fact, it was the strength of those feelings that led us to the risky decision to chuck it all and start over. We were sure that those feelings, if left unattended would eventually cause much bigger […]

“How much fun your life must be!” is a sentiment that many people have expressed to us over the years. Most consider it a luxury to be able to spend so much time in both San Francisco and Florence—such great places. Usually, at the end of their brief comments, they indicate something about how “lucky” […]

This song was written as a first anniversary gift for Em’s mom, Rose and her husband Harold. We were inspired by their marriage at the respective ages of 80 and 83. It was a wonderful model of risk-taking and we were excited for them as they embarked on their new adventure together. We hope to […]

How to begin again? What about the kids? What about the dogs? What about the house? What about the money? What about our parents? What about our friends? Would we ever want to return to our jobs again if things didn’t work out? What if the two of us couldn’t find common ground that was […]

We intentionally wrote this as the last song of our decade of music we called “Uncommon Promise.” It tied together the idea of our first song, “Never Sleep.” With that song, we referred to falling asleep in someone else’s story. Then we discovered that it was also possible to figuratively fall asleep in our own […]

Ferruccio Lamborghini decided to create super sports cars to compete with Ferrari, which already had a 16 year head-start—an almost impossible challenge. He was 47 years old at the time, and already a famous Italian entrepreneur. People thought he was crazy to risk his fortune to build specialty cars that were clearly an unjustifiable extravagance. […]

On a brisk, cool Saturday morning in September, we set out on our trek through the French countryside. From Rue de Saint Jacques in the town of Le Puy-en-Velay to Conques, toward Toulouse, the trail known as the GR 65, wends its way through some of the prettiest French villages in the country. Within minutes, we […]