Finally Friends

Finally-LacingIris planned a trip to the east coast to visit some friends in New York and on her way, she decided to visit with her brother, Aaron for a few days. We couldn’t believe our ears! Since we moved to California, the two of them had been growing further and further apart. We awaited the outcome of her visit.

On the third day of her time with Aaron, she called to say that it had been great. They were able to finally open up and say the things that had been bothering each of them. They began the process that evening, a new chapter in their relationship. Of course it will take a while to develop, but the important thing is that they made a start.



Growing up as kids
They were best of friends
Brother and sister scheming
The way that only they do

Whisked from Indiana
To the western coast
Said goodbye to everyone
Then moved away and apart

Went their different ways and
Both found all new friends
No need for each other
The distance widened with age

So that, they had few things in common
No longer each other’s best friend
They were like oil and water, separate
How could their hearts ever mend

Year after year
Without their heads together scheming
It seemed they’d never make amends

He moved off to Philly
She to Idaho
One day she went to visit
On her way to somewhere else

They began to talk
And they found some things in common
Maybe they still could be friends

They are brother and sister scheming
Just like the way they used to do
Kids again

Finally friends


From By Invitation, track released August 1, 2009
Cheryl Martlage – Lyrics, vocals and production
Emerson Martlage – Music, guitar, vocals and production
Mr Toad’s San Francisco – Mastering
Inspiration – Iris and Aaron