Family Ties

Family-LacingThe nice thing about living in Tuscany is that people visit, and we love that. However, the best treat of all is when our own kids, Iris and Aaron come over. Those are really quality times together, and ones that we look forward to each year.

After they leave, we always reflect on our time together, and decided to write this song to honor those moments that mean so much in the life of our family. We have always valued independence and have obviously created lives that are very separate, but also quite close-knit in other ways. We realize that, during those special encounters, our family thrives. Not in everyday contact or phone calls, but rather through more time-intense visits. We realized that it was a very different way to relate, but it works for us.

This was a time to honor that particular way of relating, that we had all co-invented together—one that breathes life into the idea of “family,” giving it meaning for each of us in our own lives.


Near the end of autumn
When the leaves have fallen
They’re arriving for some days
Once or twice a year vacation
From daily expectations
Just to share our time and place

You know, we’ll have some late night card games
Laugh over losses and gains
Admit it has been way too long
Far too long, since we were together
But now we’re feeling better
Making family ties strong

Though we each have our own lives
There is an understanding
When we are together
We pick up where we left off

Reaching beyond the miles
We’ll always have the memories we share
In family ties

Scattered across the country
Yet we are bound together
Because we know each other
We don’t seem to miss a beat

Even without words
We find comfort in the simple times we share
In family ties

Maybe in the springtime
When they need to unwind
They will visit for some days
Once again we will come together
This time in different weather
Just to share our time and place

So we long for those common moments
Deep in the company of friends
Making family ties strong
We are truly where we belong
In family ties


From Fitting Pieces, track released 01 July 2007
Cheryl Martlage – Lyrics and vocals
Emerson Martlage – Music, guitar and vocals
Mr Toad’s San Francisco – Mastering
Inspiration – Aaron and Iris visiting Italy