There are times in our lives when nothing seems right anymore—decisions that were wonderful at the time grow stale and leave us feeling empty and alone. Well, good news! Life has an answer already baked into our genes for that dilemma called brooding. It’s an instinctive process that kicks in whenever we reach that point of maximum confusion. We go inside to “sit with it,” ruminate—get in touch with our Inner Wisdom. Hatch a new plan. Forge a new path. Break out of the confines that are keeping us from being our highest and best. We can’t stop ourselves from going there because it’s, often times, the only way out.


It dawned on us that hens have that same innate sense to go into the hen house to just sit for a while. Quiet, peaceful waiting and nothing more. Then, suddenly something is hatched as new life springs forth. That desperate negative mood of internal wrestling magically turns into a new beginning if we can just go inside—perhaps a brood of new possibilities await us!  



Wondering just what it takes to be
Is it longing or need
When will I ever have enough 
To believe finally I’m loved
Can I know the truth
Or would I rather brood

If I really had my way
Would Life seem mundane
Or would I feel vaguely lost
Betrayed by not being crossed 
Can I know the truth
Or would I rather brood

Can I know the truth
Or would I rather brood

I imagine days so easy
Doing only what pleases me
Taking all the time I need
I’d be happy if they’d just let me be
Why can’t I take the time I need 

I’d be happy, why can’t they see 
I’ll be happy when I get what I need

Left on my own I could see all there is to see
I’d get answers if Life would just stop tapping on me
Stop jabbing at me
I’d be better if Life could somehow just let me be me
You’d think that Life could let me be

Just let me be

Reflecting on my life so far
I am more than dares or scars
Now I see clearly that I am enough 
To feel finally, truly I’m loved
Now I know the truth
I don’t need more proof
When you see the truth
You know that
there’s no need to brood
No more need to brood

No need to brood


This story and music are dedicated to the importance of brooding in our lives, as we strive to reveal the essence of who we are.


From album – Hold to the Heart
Track released – December 17, 2021
Cheryl Martlage – Lyrics, Vocals and Production
Emerson Martlage – Music, Guitar, Vocals and Production
Inspiration – personal experiences with both the pain and beauty of seeking our inner wisdom and Truth.